Automatic Driving Lessons in Leeds

Are you looking for good automatic driving lessons in Leeds or the surrounding areas? Then our instructors make a great choice for learning to drive in an automatic car.

Automatic car qualified driving instructors instructors

Lessons are fun and are taken using an easy to drive automatic car. DVSA professional certified automatic driving instructors in Leeds cover all the essential aspects comprehensively. You will learn recommended automatic driving skills and how to pass the automatic driving test.

Why take Automatic Driving Lessons?

Besides being easier to learn it is more relaxed. Automatic transmission does the work of automatically choosing the correct gear for the driver. Stalling the car is no longer an issue and moving away uphill is made easy.

There are many reason why learner driver go for our automatic car driving lessons in Leeds.

Some people feel that the simplified automatic tuition option is a better solution for them while others are looking for a fast easier way to get passed, licensed and on the road. Whatever your reasons, we are ready to help you.

The most popular reasons for choosing these type of driving lessons are difficulties either with the clutch, gear or both having after or during taking manual car tuition. So try going without changing the gears, it’s fun.

Alongside properly structured driving lessons in an automatic car your instructor can also provide you with materials and guidance to pass both the theory test and practical driving test.

In general, an automatic car is simple to master. While manual cars have a gear lever, automatics have a selector. See a typical simple auto selector layout below.

  • (P) Park
  • (R) Reverse
  • (D) Drive
  • (N) Neutral
  • (1) Use First Gear Only
  • (2) Use Second Gear Only

These cars do not have a clutch pedal. There is simply just an accelerator and footbrake. In normal circumstances both these pedal are controlled by the driver using just the right foot.

On lessons, in traffic learner can focus better on other essential matters having more time with both hands on the steering wheel for an increased level of car control.

Taking an automatic car driving test

When you pass a driving test using an automatic car your licence will only allow you to drive the categories of vehicle shown with automatic transmission. Passing a practical manual car test allows drivers to drive both options.

When in comes to choosing a car, there are many fuel efficient options, makes and models to choose from nowadays.

Key benefits of learning auto :

  • Learn fast, pass sooner, save on costs
  • No gears , no clutch to learn
  • No stalling, easy uphill starts, less holding up traffic behind.
  • Fun relaxed way of taking tuition.
  • Great for everyone including nervous drivers.

To book automatic driving lessons in Leeds or any of the areas we cover contact an instructor by telephone on 07510 097072 or by contact form. Questions about our services are welcome.